Onboarding Coaching


As external coaches, we support leaders (coachees) at the executive and senior management level in preparing for their new roles in organisations. We accompany individuals who wish to accelerate their onboarding process resulting in faster personal effectiveness in their new positions.

Timing of the Onboarding Coaching

  • Our Onboarding Coaching is designed to support leaders through a carefully defined coaching process during the critical integration phase as they take on new positions, often in connection with a job transition, promotion, ongoing reorganization, or M&A transaction.


  • Empower the coachee to effectively assume their new position, rapidly gain acceptance, and quickly grow into the defined role.
  • Targeted use of reflection-inducing tools to secure personal positioning within the leadership team and among key stakeholders, identify obstacles, defuse potential conflict situations early on, and outline critical success factors in the new role.
  • Acquisition of new options for action through coaching the leader in the process of finding solutions for better coping with critical leadership, stakeholder, or change situations.


For the Employer

  • Shorter “Time to Performance” for the coachee thanks to targeted external support
  • Increase in business success through more effective, efficient, and impactful leadership
  • Reduction of direct and indirect costs resulting from avoidable failure and early turnover of key personnel
  • Better alignment between demonstrated leadership behaviour and the organizational culture
  • Positive employer branding in a competitive labour market, boosting motivation and long-term retention of key personnel and high performers by expressing appreciation and recognition

For the Leader

  • Expansion and strengthening of critical leadership and behavioural competencies
  • Engagement with the substantive and cultural differences between the old and new roles, clarification of the new role and the expectations by which the leader will be measured in the future
  • Creating clarity about what one stands for, how to gain acceptance in the organization, and how to engage key personnel in the company
  • Enhanced performance due to increased leadership effectiveness and efficiency
  • Avoidance of significant misjudgements and associated dissatisfaction
  • Neutral feedback from the coach as a sparring partner

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