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Our Mission

Talent management forms an integral component of strategic corporate management and provides the main pillar of long-term sustainable success of companies.

We support our clients with the organisation and sustainable establishment of internationally oriented, tailor-made talent management programs in harmony with the strategy, values and culture of a corporation.

Why Talent Management?

  • A lack of visibility and knowledge of high potentials and top performers within a company
  • Disproportional recruitment of vacant key positions with external candidates
  • Discrepancy between the currently available competences of important key positions and the ones required in the future
  • A lack of knowledge on the strategic need for successors and the career perspectives within a company
  • A loss of know-how due to a high labour turnover of high potentials and top performers
  • Talent management as a feature of the entire company development to anchor the aspired corporate and leadership culture
  • Talent management to promote diversity


  • Identification, evaluation and promoting of internal and external high potentials and top performers as preparation for medium- and long-term takeovers of key positions at executive and senior management level
  • Ensuring of the necessary managers or specialists required for internal succession plans at all levels


For our clients
  • Systematic identification of purposeful development of required core competences in the future
  • Efficient and effective development of employees as well as succession plans including success monitoring
  • Expression of appreciation and acknowledgement to increase the motivation and long-term integration of high potentials and top performers within the company
  • Objective decision-making for career planning and upcoming succession plans
  • Reduction of recruitment costs due to the filling of key positions with internal candidates
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the company on the job market
For the participants
  • Objective, personal evaluations of potential
  • Individual development and career planning
  • Networking and learning experience including interdisciplinary exchange of culture and experiences
  • Increased sense of responsibility and the awareness of personal future development
  • Raising of visibility towards decision-makers in the company

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