Management Audit

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Our Mission

Our clients are provided with a company-specific evaluation of management potential of a leadership team as well as a differentiated individual assessment of involved executives and senior managers. Our evaluations assist our clients in the decision-making of building and developing leadership teams and their members at corporate, company and division level.

Why Management Audits?

Professional evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness of a leadership team and its members in situations of:

  • Changes of strategy
  • Changes of leadership
  • Due diligence / M&A processes
  • Initial public offerings
  • Privatisation of public-sector organisations
  • Company restructuring


  • Systematic identification and individual evaluation of the main success factors and areas of development of each audit participant
  • Systematic identification and evaluation of performance ability, synergy and conflict potential as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of a leadership team
  • Benchmarking against leadership teams with comparable challenges across various industries


For our clients
  • Minimising of risks in terms of achieving defined company goals
  • Verification of professional, personal and cultural suitability of members of the leadership team
  • Basis for purposeful development measures at individual and team level
  • Objective decision-making of career planning, policies of promotion or external recruitment
  • Benchmarking against people with comparable professional challenges across various industries
  • Verification of the defined job and requirement specifications
  • Basis for an optimal composition of leadership teams as well as possible recruitment of new team members
  • Raising the observation and evaluation competence of company-internal assessors of our clients
For our audit participants
  • Impartial individual assessment
  • Comprehensive feedback of own success factors and areas for improvement
  • Concrete recommendations for professional future development
  • An increased awareness of the own future positioning within the leadership team
  • Benchmarking against people with comparable professional backgrounds as well as with leadership teams across various industries

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