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Our Mission

Our clients are provided with innovative, company-specific evaluations for people who possess strong potential. The assessment process and the results represent an objective, systematic foundation for personal and professional development of the participants.

Why Development Assessment?

Individual evaluations of potential and skill assessments with internal leaders at senior management level, with experts including high potentials in the framework of company-internal succession plans and promotion policies as well as personal career planning.


Systematic identification and evaluation of the main success factors and areas for improvements of internal assessment participants in terms of their suitability for the next vertical or lateral career step, especially in connection with a specific target function.


For our clients
  • Basis for purposeful measures of development and for career advancement of assessment participants
  • Objective decision-making for individual career planning, internal succession plans and promotion policies
  • Raising awareness of assessment participants regarding corporate and leadership culture
  • Expression of appreciation and recognition to increase motivation and long-term commitment of high potentials and top performers to the company
  • Benchmarking against people with comparable professional challenges across various industries
  • Creating awareness of all assessment participants for future business challenges, necessary key competences as well as for the corporate and leadership culture
  • Enhancing the observation and evaluation competence of company-internal assessors of our clients
For our assessment participants
  • Impartial individual assessment
  • Comprehensive feedback on success factors and areas for improvement
  • Concrete recommendations for individual development
  • An increased awareness for new opportunities and challenges in the company
  • Benchmarking against people with comparable professional backgrounds across various industries
  • Expression of appreciation through purposeful investments in the individual personal development

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