We Know Our Customers, Their Business, Environment and Culture

We excel through our long-standing, international consulting experience from working successfully for many companies across various industries and cultures.

Some selected reference clients

XCG Diagramm – C-Level, Department Heads, Board Level, High Potentials, High Ranking Experts

Target groups of our consulting services

Since many years, our customers trust in us as their advisors having a vast amount of experience in collaborating with boards of directors, corporate and executive management boards as well as senior management.

On C-level, we focus amonst others on the following functions:

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Division Head
    • Business Unit Head
    • Chief Operating Officer
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Chief Technology Officer
    • Chief Marketing Officer
    • Chief Sales Officer
    • Chief Human Resources Officer

Focus of our consulting activities

In the area ofexecutive evaluation and executive development, we work with a variety of companies across different industries and cultures.

Therefore, our clients can benefit from our comprehensive industry experience and our in-depth understanding of a wide range of corporate cultures.

    • Industrial
    • Financial services
    • Professional services
    • Consumer
    • Private equity
    • Public and social sector
    • Technology & communications
    • Health
XCG Diagramm – Executive Development, Executive Evaluation
XCG Diagramm – Geografisch

Regional focus of our consultancy

Thanks to our long-term collaboration with companies at home and abroad, we welcome leaders from all over the world and all kinds of cultural backgrounds.

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