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We consult our clients at eye level with tailor-made perfection to the last detail and comprehensive understanding of complex challenges. We foster an uncompromising culture of respect, fairness and discretion. We excel in our intercultural sensitivity and international experience.

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At eye level

Whether our clients are entrepreneurs of small or medium-sized companies, executives from the public sector, founders of startups or the chairmen of boards as well as CEO’s of listed multinational corporates, we treat them all equally: at eye level.

As a sparring partner for our clients, we look at things from their perspective. We assess their current situation in their strategic as well as organisational development and support them in one of their key decision processes: the selection and development of leaders and high potentials.

Tailor-made perfection to the last detail

In the course of our consulting projects at home or abroad, we collaborate constantly with long-standing key accounts as well as new clients across different industries providing answers to most challenging issues. Therefore, we gain insight into various businesses and corporate cultures, which allows for comprehensive benchmarking.

At the same time, we dive deep into each of our unique mandates in order to understand our clients’ specific entrepreneurial challenges and requirements. This enables us to create alignment between corporate cultures, key positions and personalities through the comprehensive evaluation as well as the purposeful development of leaders and high potentials.

We are committed to meeting the highest quality standards in consultancy. For many years, we have been offering our clients tailor-made, individual consulting services in the area of executive evaluation and executive development.

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Understanding complex challenges

We take the time to understand our clients’ business models, their strategies, corporate and leadership cultures as well as their specific challenges and explore the personal and professional competencies that leaders require to be appointed for key positions and which high potentials need to successfully develop within the company. Therefore, we can advise our clients on the optimal selection and development of their leaders and high potentials. We show respect whilst accepting full responsibility for our projects – regardless of the complexity or political dimensions. As an independent consulting partner, we take a clear stand with our opinions, findings and recommendations.

We help our clients to minimise the risks of wrong appointments and to create the foundation for purposeful development of leaders and high potentials. We find the right answers to complex issues and develop solutions specific to our clients’ needs.

Uncompromising culture of respect, fairness and discretion

As a professional service company with strong customer orientation we feel equally committed to both parties – our clients and our candidates. Making the right decision regarding collaboration as well as future career development is equally important for both – our candidates and our clients.

Based on our core values, we naturally treat our clients and candidates with the utmost respect and appreciation. We guarantee all parties involved the highest possible level of discretion, fairness and transparency. As a result of our collaboration, our clients and candidates gain full insight into our findings and conclusions as well as into our recommendations from our evaluations.

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Intercultural confidence and expertise

Being management consultants for many years, we have gained a strong affinity for the different cultures and strong intercultural sensitivity from advising a vast amount of clients and candidates around the globe. This enables us to recognize the cultural dimensions of the different regions across the world and to integrate them into our consulting solutions regarding the evaluation and development of leaders and high potentials.

Time and time again, we have managed to convince our clients to make courageous and sometimes unconventional decisions regarding the appointment of leaders as well as high potentials for key positions in Europe, Asia or the Americas. Due to our experience, empathy and intercultural sensitivity, we have succeeded in lowering and overcoming cultural barriers and hurdles.

Our core values

The Codex of the Samurai – Bushido

Kendomaske breit

The foundation of our consultancy and our long-standing, successful collaboration is reflected in a variety of the principles of “Bushido”.

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