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Our Mission

We empower the managers of our clients at executive and senior management level to unleash their potential in leadership and performance in an optimal manner in order to become more effective and efficient leaders.

Why Business Coaching?

Perspective of the coachee
  • Focusing on selected leadership issues that are critical to success
  • External support of managers in the design of a personal onboarding in the course of taking on a new role, e.g. after M&A transactions, promotions and restructurings
  • External support in handling demanding situations regarding significant changes
  • Clarity of long-term professional orientation and future career development
Perspective of the sponsor or employer
  • Support in sustainable change of certain attitudes and behaviours of managers
  • Purposeful future development of leadership behaviours of high potentials within the framework of talent management programs
  • Tailor-made coaching measures for individual requirements and needs based on the occurring changes
  • Purposeful investments in long-term integration of managers into companies
  • Ad hoc interventions in crisis situations


  • Enabling the coachee to embrace a current or future position successfully and to grow into the aspired key position
  • Raising awareness of new courses of action and partnering the coachee in finding solutions, e.g. with regard to critical leadership, business or change situations
  • Free up the resources available, unleash potential and offering assistance which enables coachees to help themselves
  • Common way forward to achieve the defined, concrete goals in which the coach acts as process owner and the coachee assumes responsibility for the goals as well as the measures agreed upon


For the coachee
  • Extension of leadership and behaviour competences
  • Increased performance based on higher leadership effectiveness and efficiency
  • Neutral feedback from the coach as a sparring partner
  • Professional advice in situations of change
  • Support in times of professional reorientations and in finding the right role within an organisation
For the employer or sponsor
  • Expression of appreciation and acknowledgement in order to increase the motivation and secure the long-term commitment of high potentials and top performers in the company
  • Improved fit between the job specification and the leadership behaviour of employees
  • Increased company success due to more effective and efficient leaders within the own organisation

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