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Our Mission

We design tailor-made feedback tools for our clients and provide company-specific, digital 360° feedback processes for individual executives or entire management teams at group, company and division management level.

Why 360° Feedback?

Systematic, tailor-made feedback from the relevant stakeholders (employees, colleagues, superiors, clients) to success factors and areas of development of internal key people or entire management teams

Comprehensive, anonymous assessment results as a foundation

  • for a purposeful, company-specific development of feedback recipients in their current positions
  • for feedback processes with a management team as a basis for their sustainable future development


For our clients
  • Awareness of strengths and weaknesses of an executive in the current position
  • Review of the various stakeholders’ expectations of the job holder
  • Basis for committed future development in the current position
  • Awareness of an open, constructive dialogue between feedback recipients and providers
  • Integration and expression of appreciation towards employees
  • Benchmarking against other management bodies
  • Promotion of a feedback culture
  • Basis for purposeful team development or a transformation process
For the 360° feedback recipient
  • Constructive, open feedback on individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Comparison of self-image and perception by others
  • Concrete recommendations for professional, purposeful future development
  • Awareness of one‘s working environment and therefore the creation of commitment towards personal future development in an inherent business context

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