Bushido – the Codex of the Samurai

Both our consulting activities and our long-standing, successful collaboration with our clients are based on a number of principles of Bushido.

Bushido (Japanese for "path of the warrior"), the code of honour of the Samurai, consolidates the Samurai's loyalty towards his master, and its rules ensure his standard of behaviour and conduct in society. Since the 12th century, the Samurais have lived by the rules of Bushido which consist of seven prime values.

We have worked to these values for many years, advising our clients in Switzerland and abroad with common sense, empathy and professional methods. We believe that this approach has helped us to attain the successful position and reputation we enjoy in the market today.

xcg Aufrichtigkeit – Bambus

Sincerity & Fairness

Sincerity means that we keep our promises. We work together with our clients in a spirit of fairness and partnership. Supporting them in challenging personnel change, we guarantee continuity and stability in our business relationships. Our actions are straightforward and sincere.

Fairness is reflected in our endeavour to offer tailor-made solutions to our clients and objective basis for their decision making regarding selecting and developing their executives. We focus on their requirements and we advise them individually and specifically. We take responsibility for our actions.


The amount of courage needed depends on how strong the head wind is. We work towards our targets and provide concrete results. We devise concepts and ensure that they are implemented with consistency, using a variety of tools and methods, backed at the same time by intuition and long-standing experience.

In our business, courage means being open to new ideas and unorthodox ways in an attempt to find optimal solutions. It also means that we position ourselves with our opinions and are known for our distinctive entrepreneurial attitude.

We support our clients in their courageous decisions to fill key positions with strong leaders and encourage our candidates to be true to themselves. We build bridges.

xcg Mut – Hängebrücke
xcg Güte – japanischer Kirschbaum

Kindness & Understanding

Kindness is motivated by esteem: for us this means recognising and appreciating the value in everyone. Every day we work for and with people, with their strong and their weak points. We believe in their potential, we coach and support them.

Our clients with their visions, strategies and corporate cultures are our starting points that define the goals and practices of our consulting services. We put ourselves into our customers’ positions and identify with them.

The ability to understand our counterparts and to gain a firm understanding of their current and future situation is the foundation of our team-oriented consultancy work. We are interested in sustained growth.


Civility helps us to keep the right distance to each person and is based on mutual respect, tolerance and discretion. We take these qualities for granted in our consultancy work and within our team.

The foundation of our successful and long-term collaboration with our clients is based on professionalism and modesty in all our doings, and an uncompromising desire to serve. As your host, we look forward to welcoming you in our offices.

xcg Höflichkeit – Tasse Tee

Truth & Truthfulness

The search for the truth is the search for the root of the matter. This applies to the corporate challenges of our clients as well as to the potential, performance and cultural adaptability of our candidates.

Our communication is honest and direct. We keep our clients informed at all times about the current situation of a joint project. We stand for a frank and fair information policy towards our customers and candidates.

Where frankness and transparency are determining factors, truthfulness follows closely behind. We pursue no hidden agenda but are true advisors. Our information flow is crystal clear.


An important part of our honour is our integrity and trustworthiness that is based on our professional expertise, our many years of consulting experience and our close personal bonds of trust with our clients.

We see ourselves as a loyal consulting partner who maintains long-term and stable client relations. It is a point of honour for us to offer our customers solutions of the highest quality at a fair price.

We believe that honour opens the gate to all other virtues.

xcg Ehre– japanisches Tor
xcg Treue – Laubweg

Commitment to Loyalty

Our commitment to loyalty is reflected in the continuity and faithfulness of our relations with our clients. Our business partnerships are not coincidental, but the result of conscious, sustained, high-quality work and consequent recommendations.

We are loyal to our clients and true to ourselves. We have a commitment to our clients. Serving their interests is our top priority. We assess ourselves by the results achieved and by the satisfaction of our clients.

We think long-term and act consistently, facilitating a successful collaboration. We are with our clients all the way.

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