Cultural Assessment

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Our Mission

“We deliver actionable data to our customers regarding the corporate culture of their organisation.”

  • “Actionable data” because we propose concrete actions based on the outcome of the cultural assessments
  • Corporate culture means the sum of cultural forces intended by the organisation to influence the behaviour of the employees in the company
  • Corporate culture drives the company and its actions like “the operating system” of the organisation
  • Cultural assessments provide insights about what really drives the organisation in terms of values and shows what really matters in the company

Why Cultural Assessment?

  • Need to visualise, to measure and to better understand the corporate culture of their organisation within a defined strategic direction
  • Desire to understand the degree of alignment across different stakeholders regarding the company’s corporate culture and strategic direction
  • Need to understand if the current corporate culture supports the corporate strategy
  • Urge to compare own corporate culture and the culture of a target company to be acquired either during due diligence or post-merger
  • Corporate culture to be considered as a critical asset to be taken care of in order to guarantee the company’s long-term success
  • Discomfort with the current corporate culture and willingness to change certain cultural aspects


  • Neutral assessment of the own corporate culture in terms of clear areas of strengths and areas for improvement (cultural changes resp. adaptations)
  • Alignment across the different stakeholders regarding the desired corporate culture
  • Assessment of existing corporate cultural matching against future strategy
  • Optimal merger of two companies in post-merger situations


  • Delivery of actionable data with clear areas of strengths and areas for improvement regarding the corporate culture
  • Identification of what really matters in the organisation
  • Base to align strategy and corporate culture and vice versa
  • Base to align candidates or new hires with own corporate culture
  • Useful conversations based on outcome about the organisation’s purpose and the well-being of all stakeholders
  • Delivery of a roadmap to achieve a high-performance company

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